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welcome to ABELLO Handyman
Prompt, Effective, Handyman service
welcome to abello handyman
Prompt, Effective, Handyman service
welcome to abello handyman
Prompt, Effective, Handyman service

What we offer

Home Improvement Lighting Installation Stucco, Block, Drywall, and Wood repairs

We specialize in block wall repairs, stucco, drywall, texture matching and paint matching. We also have installed the latest LED lighting for projects such as China Cabinets

LED Lighting and General Lighting Installation

Light Emitting Diode or LED is a very incredible type of lighting that is very efficient. Depending on the quality of the lighting that you purchase determines how low energy it uses. This type of insulation can be very complex or very simple. Call us with details of your installation. We will need to visit your home or office in order to take measurements and lay out a design if you are looking to install a large amount of lighting. We only use the best LED lighting, low voltage and long lasting up to 10 years or 100,000 hours of continuous use.


This is an example of a midway photo. Waylon repaired the hole and texturized the stucco prior to painting.

This is the finished product. Stucco repaired, textured and paint matched.

This was 2 large holes in the overhang of the front porch area. Hard to tell in the photos but there is insulation placed in the holes, just prior to sealing.

This is the final product of the exterior overhang where the drywall ceiling is repaired, textured to match, and paint matched on this nice outdoor porch area.

Handyman Services

We have come to find there are numerous handyman companies out there to handle all sorts of handyman needs. Here at Abello Handyman we pride ourselves on superior work we stand by. We also show up. Some of the biggest complaints we've heard from customers is that other handyman companies don't even show up half of the time. We are punctual, and if there is any issue we text/ call to keep you updated on the status of our handyman.

Dry Wall Repair

Drywall is not super complicated; however, if you are wanting holes patched, there are a few things to consider:

  1. What is the texture? There are multiple types of textures and some may require a spray, or other techniques to match
  2. How far does the damage extend? You may have more damage that what the hole shows.
  3. How fast does this need to be done? On the quick end it can take a few hours up to a few days. All depends on different variables.

Masonry - Block Wall - Brick - Decorative Stone

We offer all of these services to help rebuild or patch any problems with this type of masonry. In some cases we can even simply repair something that is much easier and can even be rebuilt stronger than replacing the whole section or wall. Block wall repair can consist of cutting and repairing the block in sections. Brick and decorative stone can be a little trickier but is definitely something we also specialize in.

Plumbing Services

Simple plumbing service that don't require a licensed plumber, such as fixing leaks under a sink, stopping toilet leaks, installing new faucets, etc. Anything that is not a major plumbing project, we can help you as a Handyman in Phoenix with your plumbing problems.

LED Lighting Installation

LED light strips, under cabinet lighting, or even hardwired LED light installation, are all relatively simple. LED lights are also much safer than normal lights becuase they burn cooler, use less energy, and don't have bulbs with gases or anything toxic inside of them. They are actually very Do It Yourself friendly; however, we understnad you may not want to waste too much time trying to figure something out new. So we will happily install your LED backlight, LED under cabinet lighting, LED strip lights or whatever your LED lighting needs are. A lot of lights are now also easily connected to your Smart home devices, like Google Home, Alexa, or even your IPhone or Android smart phone.